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John Dougherty has appeared on:

  • KAET-Channel 8’s Horizon
  • KTVK-Channel 3 Phoenix
  • National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition
  • Pacifica’s Democracy Now
  • The BBC’s World Report
  • Phoenix radio stations KJZZ, KTAR, KFNX and KFYI and KNPR in Las Vegas.

Links to Selected Broadcasts:

National Public Radio/Weekend Edition
Gene Disorder Complicates Sect Custody Fight
Weekend Edition Sunday, April 27, 2008 · Lawyers for the mothers of 462 children taken from a polygamist ranch in West Texas will ask a state appeals court for relief, but the process is slowed by problems in determining the children’s parentage. Texas family law officials continue to investigate allegations of physical and sexual abuse. Wade Goodwyn and Liane Hansen discuss the legal proceedings.
Meanwhile, many of the children in the FLDS group suffer from fumarase deficiency, a genetic disease that causes acute retardation and physical deformation. The disease was spread through decades of inbreeding, according to John Dougherty, an investigative reporter who has written extensively about the polygamist sect.
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Democracy Now
Who is John McCain? An In-Depth Look at the Arizona Senator’s Rise to Prominence – September 28, 2004
We take an in-depth look at Sen. John McCain (R–AZ)–one of the most powerful members of the U.S. senate. From his marriage to the wealthy heiress of a liquor fortune to Vietnam to the vicious dirty tricks campaign by Bush operatives in the 2000 presidential race to his emergence as an influential supporter for Bush’s reelection in 2004. [includes rush transcript]Joining us today in our studio in Phoenix, Arizona is John Dougherty. He is a staff reporter for the Phoenix New Times, an alternative news weekly based in Phoenix. He has covered John McCain’s career for years.
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KNPR, Las Vegas, NV

FLDS Ranch Raid

April 21, 2008

John Dougherty, Contributor, New York Times

… on the latest in the saga of Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints.

Jeffs Guilty

September 26, 2007

Ed Kociela, City Editor, St George Spectrum

John Dougherty, Writer

…on the Warren Jeffs verdict

 Jeffs’ Sentencing

November 21, 2007

Warren Jeffs’ 10 year prison sentence.

John Dougherty, Freelance Journalist

Ed Kociela, City Ed, St. George Spectrum

 Business Practise and Polygamous Churches

June 6, 2006

John Dougherty, Reporter, Phoenix New Times

Rowenna Erikson, Co-founder, Tapestry Against Polygamy

Abigail Goldman, Reporter, Las Vegas Sun

Steve Jackson, Operator,

Flora Jessop, ED, Child Protection Project

…on regional businesses linked with polygamous churches.

 Troubled Havasupai

June 18, 2007

The murder of a tourist in Arizona brought to light a community living in fear of violence–and where law enforcement is practically non-existent.

John Dougherty

Southwest Editor

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