Global Mining Observer reports on checkered past of Augusta Resource’s executives based on InvestigativeMEDIA’s research


The London-based Global Mining Observer on Friday published a summary of information previously reported by InvestigativeMEDIA on the business backgrounds of the key executives of Augusta Resource Corporation which is seeking permits to build the controversial Rosemont open-pit copper mine southeast of Tucson.

The widely read independent mining journal highlighted InvestigativeMEDIA’s reporting on Augusta chairman Richard Warke’s 1998 bankruptcy that was hidden from investors in regulatory disclosures by public companies where Warke served on the board of directors including Vancouver, B.C.-based Augusta Resource.

The journal also reported on statements from InvestigativeMEDIA’s documentary “Cyanide Beach” about a former business associate’s assessment of Warke’s honesty. InvestigativeMEDIA’s entire report on Augusta Resource’s executives business history can be found here:

Augusta Resource’s top officers have a history of bankruptcies, cease trade orders and stock exchange delistings

InvestigativeMEDIA’s complete report on Warke and fellow Augusta board members investments in a Sardinian gold mine can be found here:

A Sardinian gold mine unearths the deceptive business tactics of Rosemont Copper’s top executives

InvestigativeMEDIA’s “Cyanide Beach” documentary on the Sardinian gold mine is here:

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