Grant McKee pleadings posted


InvestigativeMedia is posting the complaint and subsequent pleadings in connection with the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Marcia McKee, the mother of Granite Mountain Hotshot Grant McKee who was the youngest of the 19 hotshots killed at the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30, 2013.

The documents include: Compliant, Motion to Dismiss, Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss and the Response to Motion to Dismiss.

Oral arguments on the case were heard on Friday, July 24, 2015. A ruling is expected within 60 days.

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  1. joy a collura says

    I am doing health paperwork for Sonny’s primary today so I will read but just skimming it—I will point out to Knapp where it is helpful when I get the chance but shit that is harsh on Marcia to endure hearing and reading that- in due time IF the missing elements come forward than you can say that STATE OF ARIZONA. Going by what is publicly out there is not necessarily “what happened”…I cannot read it via my cell the links and busy because I have to meet with someone in half hour so low on pc time right now–

  2. A Mother's Love Knows No Boundry says

    Can someone please tell me how to link pictures in a post? Tried numerous different ways to paste into the message with no luck. Thanks in advance.

    • WantsToKnowTheTruth says

      The software that is being used which allows these comments to be posted is standard WordPress software and it normally doesn’t allow any PHOTOS to be ’embedded’ in the comments.

      It DOES, however, allow ‘links’ to photos that are somewhere else online, like at FLICKR or even on a Facebook page somewhere.

      To post a link to any photo somewhere on the Internet… the usual way is to just go to that page where the photo is, then use your mouse to RIGHT-CLICK on the photo.

      A little menu will appear with an option that says ‘Copy link location’.

      If you pick that option, then the actual full Internet address of that photo gets copied to your clipboard.

      You can then just RIGHT-CLICK inside one of these WordPress comment boxes and then pick the PASTE option and it will appear in this comment.

      OR ( simpler option? )… just paste the link to the online page that has the photo in question right into your comment and people will be able to just click that link and ‘go there’ to see the photograph.

    • joy a collura says

      If you want a photo posted here I can have you email [email protected] and add it to dropbox link account. whatever is easier and less stress or effort for you. just. email photo and what you want said. You can always verbally leave description on the 480-280-5813 message only number …no incoming or texts on that phone because its on a bluff in Nevada…hope this helps…

  3. joy a collura says

    Thank you for this public information.

    I pledge to you Marcia and Grant Scott to continue to honor your son by doing the ultimate hard thing and be a voice to show the government that they are instituted by man/woman and number one this fire deserves the proper investigation. and number two declare that they make changes to how they fight wildfires and secure such change with ACTION versus WORDS…

    soon I may have some information …just been a slow process …

    thank you Marcia
    not sure on thank you to Grant Scott yet…seems this does not contain links to his information.


    • joy a collura says

      Again. I had a day of incoming information than to have individual “ask me a favor”… to keep to myself …I have had more folks like that guided to me since fire so thank you for your interview with John Dougherty and hope one day the father of Grant Quinn shares to because its this public sharing that will get others at ease to share and I do not care at first if its kept silent but I do pray just so you all know that all who came to me SPEAK UP PUBLIC. You said some very memorable information. but how does it help properly assess fire if I keep it with me. How many times have I been told..”all I say is facts but I have a career to protect”…
      Grant Quinn may of not wanted a career as a hotshot yet he did it and died doing it…holding the kind of information you have inside can cause you internal unease …unnecessary stress that.eventually turns into disease ..see dis. ease…not at ease..

      tee it up
      not for me
      but because its the right thing to do

      grant quinn does not need the place he died to be labelled sacred…what is sacred is for the good people that was there that weekend SPEAK UP…THAT IS SACRED…For we the people to share our weekend in purity with no angle or agenda. that sair needed what john Dougherty done…links to interviews and keep it pure. if my child died i would want a place to listen to each and every ones pure account non redacted non edited…as you did to my very own interview by sair. that was wrong and i am just the hiker on weavers so who else got the same treatment…speak up.

      hoping to see grant scott link on your site like marcia did

      thank you marcia

      • A Mother's Love Knows No Boundry says

        In the beginning of his Hot Shot career Grant had plans to continue with his EMT training. All that changed when the Hot Shots received a standing ovation from the citizens on a recent fire he told his mom before the Yarnell fire. He also told her he wanted to become a structural firefighter.

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