InvestigativeMEDIA releases Forest Service records on Yarnell Hill Fire


InvestgativeMEDIA is releasing more than 2,000 pages of records obtained from the U.S. Forest Service under a Federal Freedom of Information Act request in connection with the Yarnell Hill fire.

The records are located here.


© Copyright 2016 John Dougherty, All rights Reserved. Written For: Investigative MEDIA


  1. Travis says

    “Deliberative process privilege” is, in my opinion, code for a huge load of bovine dung and a fair amount of CYA. The amount of redactions is ridiculous. This isn’t national security secrets we’re talking about here. The tone of what was released seems to indicate more of a circle the wagons strategy rather than finding out the truth and the facts. Ted Putnam seems to be the only investigator who has the intestinal fortitude to say it like it is.

    Keep up the good work, John. The Arizona Republic and the rest of the local media should be ashamed that you’re having to do the work and reporting that they SHOULD be doing.

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