InvestigativeMEDIA’S documentary “Flin Flon Flim Flam” to premiere Oct. 18 in Tucson




$10 (benefits Arizona Center for Investigative Journalism, Inc., a nonprofit 501-c3)


InvestigativeMEDIA turns its unflinching focus on Canadian miner Hudbay Minerals Inc. and its controversial plans to construct the massive Rosemont open-pit copper mine in the Santa Rita Mountains on the Coronado National Forest southeast of Tucson.

InvestigativeMEDIA’s John Dougherty documents Hudbay’s legacy of lead poisoning in a remote Manitoba community where the company operated a notorious copper smelter for 80 years.

He then turns to Hudbay’s former operations in Guatemala where the company stands accused of murder, rape and shootings in a precedent setting civil trial.

Dougherty travels to the Peruvian Andes documenting indigenous villagers occupying a mine site after Peruvian police beat and teargased protestors angry over Hudbay’s failure to abide by an agreement.

Dougherty uncovers Hudbay’s misleading statements over its proposed Rosemont copper project and the ecological treasure that would be destroyed if the mine were constructed. (Dir. by John Dougherty, 2015, in English/Spanish/English subtitles, 48 mins.)

© Copyright 2015 John Dougherty, All rights Reserved. Written For: Investigative MEDIA


  1. Phil says

    Please, make the movie available on-line on a pay-per view or other basis. I would watch with interest.
    I’m sure that MANY people in Flin Flon would like to know a bit more about the exploits of Hudbay beyond the national borders of Canada. It is also important in terms of the direct public & social goals of the movie – to spread and leave the message for the public judgement & discussion.

  2. Jack Lavelle says

    JD! So this is what you’re up to. A filmmaker. I’d like to watch the film. Are you showing it up here? And have you got an online account or a PayPal where I can send you a little bread?

  3. Flinty says

    I also work for Hudbay in Flin Flon. Always a mistake to let Hudbay regulate themselves. Thanks for putting together the film and I hope to get to see it also.

    • John Dougherty says

      Hi Matt, The film will premiere at 4 p.m., Oct. 18 in Tucson. I will make it available on the internet sometime in the future.
      Thanks for you interest.

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