State releases Yarnell Hill Fire investigation on the deaths of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots


The Yarnell Hill Fire Serious Accident Investigation Report was released on Sept. 28, 2013 during a press conference in Prescott, AZ.

InvestigativeMEDIA is continuing to investigate the events that led up to the deaths of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots during the June 30 wildfire.

Videos of the entire press conference and an interview with lead investigator, Florida State Forester Jim Karels, are posted below.

Opening statements by the Serious Accident Investigation Team:

Following the opening presentation, the team presented a video that summarizes its report:

A one hour press conference followed the video presentation. The entire press conference is posted below in four parts:

Press Conference Part I

Press Conference Part II

Press Conference Part III

Press Conference Part IV

Florida State Forester Jim Karels answered additional media questions following the press conference. Karels comments are posted in the two videos below:

Karels interview Part I

Karels interview Part II

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  1. Larry Sall says

    I found myself talking back to the investigation panel as questions and pleadings were voiced. Stonewalling and fear of litigation permeated the room as did the individual interviews in the lobby.

    I would be interested in comparing the original notes, interviews and report sent to the State of Arizona and the “released” version side by side. I wonder what truths would come out.

    Yes the radio traffic was heavy as the Yarnell Hill Fire blew-up but how heavy was the radio traffic when the fire was half an acre and included a 4×4 jeep trail right up to it. Fighting fire at night can be a good thing, just use your headlamp.

    It’s time to change gentlemen and start puking up the answers! Catch these fires in their infancy and we all go home safe.

    Larry Sall
    3rd Hook
    Little Tujunga Hot Shots
    ” You can look it up”

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