GOP could blow Arizona


A brutal GOP primary is boosting Democrats’ chances of taking a Senate seat — and Obama’s chance to win the state.


In 1976, Dennis DeConcini, a young, one-term Democratic prosecutor from Tucson, stormed to a 10-point victory in the U.S. Senate race after Republicans Sam Steiger and John Conlan eviscerated each other in a brutal primary. It was the last time the Democrats picked up a Senate seat in the Grand Canyon State.

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How developers and businessmen cash in on Grand Canyon overflights


By John Dougherty

Tusayan, Arizona

In the lobby of Papillon Helicopters’ terminal at Grand Canyon National Park Airport, Enrique Ochoa stared at his smart phone, searching for a WiFi signal.

Unlike the scores of late-April tourists, who were waiting to board one of Papillon’s noisy helicopters for a $175, 30-minute Grand Canyon sightseeing flight, Ochoa was simply trying to get some work done. Just a few days into his new job as Tusayan’s first town manager, he was clearly frustrated.

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